As of April 10, 2015, we are officially Digital Marketer Certified Partner.

This strategic partnership allows us to bring the teachings and advanced marketing techniques from top industry leaders, such as Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher (the creators of Traffic & Conversion Summit), and many others. It has been an honor to be part of the beta program and watch it grow in such a short period of time.

What this means to our clients … your business directly benefits from the cutting edge marketing techniques and tools DigitalMarketer offers,  Often times, before DigitalMarketer begins blogging and teaching to the ‘public’ what is working in ‘today’s’ marketing, as a Certified Partner I am privy to this information in advance through quarterly masterminds and other functions Digital Marketer holds.

Bottom line, when working with us, you and your organization directly benefit from these multi-million dollar genius!

Our marketing packages now offer several of the funnel and e-mail templates found in ‘Funnel BluePrint 2.0’ and ‘The Machine’.

If you are looking to be able to fully implement all aspects of Funnel BluePrint 2.0 or The Machine into your business, you will need to acquire your independant license. To purchase the license or learn more about each product, we can discuss that in-depth, or click on the links below .

In addition, Digital Marketer will be rolling out, over the next 12 months, individual certifications covering 8 key facets of digital marketing.



Digital Marketer Certified Partner


  • Customer Value Optimization Specialist  (Sales Funnel Focused)
  • Content Marketing Specialist (Article/Blogging Focused)
  • Social & Community Manager (Social Media Interaction & Presence Focused)
  • Customer Acquisition Specialist (Media/ Ad Buyer Focused)
  • User Experience Specialist (SEO/UXO Focused)
  • Video Marketing Specialist (Video & Video Advertising Focused)
  • Conversion & Analytics Specialist (Metrics Focused)
  • Email Marketing Specialist (Email Copy & Delivery Focused)


As a Certified Partner, we will be going through each of these intense classes, attaining a certification at each level.

Already passing the exam for Customer Value Optimization Specialist I am looking forward to completing the new individual certifications as they roll out.

Click Here to Learn More about Funnel BluePrint 2.0
Click here to learn more about the Machine