I got exactly what I asked for and even more!

I was not planning on doing a #1 Best Seller launch … I didn’t think I’d be able to position myself in a way to have a #1 Best Seller …  until I met Carrie! Carrie showed me how I would be able to position myself before hand and throughout the launch in order to make it a Best Seller.

She gave me all the tools, tips and systems I needed with my team in order to make that a huge possibility … and it worked out like gangbusters!

Carrie did things I did not even expect or anticipate happening … I’ve hired a lot of coaches and mentors since being in business for over 10 years … in that time, I have hired a lot of people that I felt promised me  so much but when it was delivered, it was left a little to be desired. Working with Carrie was truly one of the only situations that I not only got exactly what I asked and hoped for but even more!

Carrie did an excellent job relaunching my website…

Carrie did an excellent job relaunching my website with a completely different look and feel, keeping my brand integrity in tact, as well as creating solid opt-ins so visitors have private access to my informative content. She maintained my vision yet at the same time opened my eyes to areas I needed to focus on to improve my visitor’s experience. We are gearing up for the next project, continuing to bring value to my audience.


Carrie did an excellent job launching my book.

Carrie did an excellent job launching my book, Chasing the Blue Marlin. We actually sold way more copies than I ever expected and ended up getting Best Seller status in 6 different categories, including 2 International countries.

We had a lot of fun … it was a big success!

I could not have done it without her [Carrie] and I would recommend her to anyone thinking about doing this – actually I already have recommended her to a couple of friends that will be using her in the future …

Carrie did everything she promised . . . and more!

I used Carrie Smith as my coach to produce my book “The Master Plan”.  She was wonderful to work with.  We became a best seller in eight countries and on Amazon through her tremendous efforts.

Carrie did everything she promised me in her proposal to me and more!  She assisted me greatly in my writing and editing of the book.  Without her, I couldn’t get the project off the ground.  Her promotion efforts after the book was written allowed me to achieve my best seller status.

She is a professional and always produced results in a timely manner and always did what she promised………………….on time.

Carrie, can be trusted and is very loyal.  She possess all the qualities a person wants and needs in a coach of this kind.  I wholeheartedly can endorse her without hesitation.

If anyone needs further information about Carrie, feel free to contact me 24/7.  She is so good to work with!!!!!!

Carrie is a strategist who gets results …

Carrie’s only standard is excellence. She pays attention to details others miss. She’ll provide you an education – and results – at the same time. I am very appreciative of the unbelievable job she has done, her work has far and away greatly exceeded my expectations!


David Epstein

. . . Concise, target specific and gets results.

The marketing expertise Carrie provides is concise, target specific and gets results. Her years in the field served my non-profit organization well and her current global view of marketing and operations continues to be beneficial to our organization.

Carrie is a superior project manager and consultant.

My book became an Amazon #1 Bestseller in 3 categories—including Parenting and Business Office Management. Much of that success can be attributed to Carrie Hartunian Smith. What would it be worth to you to have the certainty and the confidence to know that your book project will be executed and launched in the utmost professional manner? At her core, Carrie is a superior project manager and consultant. She had a clear plan and led me easily through the late stages of the book process, like an expert. Her communication was amazing. In the weeks leading up to the launch Carrie made sure I did all the things I was supposed to do–when I was supposed to do them. I never had to ask what the next step was. And she was always ready with a savvy suggestion when I wasn’t sure how to proceed. Carrie manages and customizes the backend email system that automatically follows up with book buyers to deliver my bonus training video and other resources. This brilliant method allows me to follow up with the book-buying customers so that I can continue to add value to them and establish a relationship. Since the launch, Carrie has been analyzing the data to see how book buyers are responding to the new emails and the additional information I am providing, and she makes strategic suggestions for how to proceed. And because of the depth of her experience, she executes with precision and with speed. Give yourself peace of mind and put your book project in Carrie’s hands!

Carrie Smith exceeded my expectations . . .

Carrie Smith exceeded my expectations in marketing my book and helping me achieve a Amazon #1 Best Seller in two different categories. Because of the campaign she built for me, I not only achieved best seller status on Amazon but I was interviewed for a radio show that was syndicated on 20+ affiliates, and featured on Glen Beck’s national radio program, The Blaze.