Nothing can launch your career into a new stratosphere like becoming a best selling author!

In fact, there are dozens of sites, books and consultants who will tell you that it is the ‘be all, end all’ … and they are right.

The benefits of being a published author are great, the benefits of being a #1 Best Seller on Amazon are HUGE.  

Having been involved with over 200 book launches, I want to share with you the real secret to how publishing your book can change lives, elevate your professional status and open doors for you.

In fact, I want to help you focus on what happens after you become a best seller.

I often relate  book campaigns to wedding planning.

It feels like there is way more to do than time to do it in, but suddenly you are in the home stretch and it is exciting!

Your friends and family are so happy and proud of your accomplishment (hopefully!) 🙂

Once it’s over, you feel like it must be time to take a deep breath and rejoice in your new found status before blissfully heading off on your honeymoon.

Book campaigns are a lot like this.

There are a lot of details to work through and as the day of your book launch approaches,  of course there is a frenzy of excitement.

Once the book launch is over, you rejoice and share your accomplishments with those closest to you.  But what is the next step? (ya know, running off on your honeymoon with your newly minted best-selling book!).

Like any good marriage – the wedding is only the first step in what should be a long, and fruitful relationship. Too many people come home from the honeymoon and are like, “Ok, now what?”

I encourage my clients to start thinking about what comes next …

To start building on that wonderful first event right away.  

My goal is to encourage you to think about what comes next… and next, and next!

The big question is … How do we leverage the best seller book so it works as a tool that will help build your brand and your relevance in the market place?

Or another way to ask that question is … how do we create and then maintain your relevance to sustain your book?

Ultimate goal:  sustain a long lifetime of your brand … leaving a legacy!!

I don’t have to tell you that creating and maintaining relevance in the marketplace is key in the world we live in.

But how?

That’s simple … build your content and overall strategy around being THE relevant authority/expert for your ideal client.

Why you ask?

Well, partly because this will help search engines, like Amazon and Google, match your content with what people are searching.

But also, we don’t want to lose sight of making it easy for your ideal client to find you! They are looking for the best, most recent, and most accurate solution to their problem… make it easy for them to find YOU!!

When you make this happen, it’s like hitting triple 7’s on the slot machine of the internet 🙂

Showing them [search engines] you have THE solution for a certain problem, they [search engines] will help your ideal client find you.  JACKPOT!!

So let me share some of my favorite time-tested, effective ways to build your go-to-market strategy.

This will not only help your best seller ranking last longer, but elevate your relevance and naturally leverage your best seller status:

First – Build Your Platform

What is a platform?

Simply put … the people who follow you because they like what you have or stand for.

If you don’t have a robust platform (audience following you) already, the first step is to start building one!

Not only does this help strengthen the relationship you have with your readers and your ideal client, but it will also help you increase book sales.

Remember, to hit the online Jackpot, you have to train those search engines into seeing your book and content as even more relevant!

Don’t feel like you have to go crazy with building multiple platforms if you don’t have any in place … less can sometimes be more when it comes to building out different online platforms.

Pick one social media platform based on where your ideal client will already be looking for solutions to their problem –

Maybe it’s Facebook, or Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest (or any of the new social media platforms that are popping up each day) –

Just start with one and create and publish engaging content.

NOTE: If you haven’t launched your book yet – don’t wait – look at building your platform prior to launch – it’s never too early (or too late), to start building your platform on line.

I’ve worked with some clients who have decide to push the launch date back a bit to ‘prime the pump’ as I like to call it.

Now, for those of you who have already launched your book without a social media platform, don’t worry, it’s not too late to build up your online presence …

Think about using pieces of your  book to build your online platform,

Again, the goal here is to elevate your relevance in your niche and promote further book sales or other offers you have inside your book!

Next – Be Harmonious

I know, this next one might be like me telling you to put your plate in the dishwasher … an obvious tip! But you’d be surprised how many people miss this one!

Make sure you have congruent branding across all of your platforms (from your website to your social media accounts, etc).

Ask yourself, do all my channels tie together with messaging, branding and the book offer?


I love this image –best selling author







1) because when I was younger I used to collect ‘nesting dolls’, but

2) because it is such a great picture to illustrate that no matter how big a certain platform is in your brand, it needs to look, if not identical, pretty darn close to the ‘Big Mamma’!

Make a habit to review your messaging across all your platform to insure that it clearly illustrates the solution you are providing to the  market you are serving.

Better yet, make it a habit to show someone your messaging and ask them what they think.

If they can clearly identify what you are selling or offering I’d say you are in good shape.

But, if there is any confusion on their part after they review all your platforms … or if they can not tell you what you are asking, selling, or offering …  you should think about going back to the drawing board and make some changes.

Thirdly – Get Media Attention

After you have triple checked your message is harmonious – ask yourself if you are  looking to grow the number of appearances, either media or speaking engagements, after a book launch.

One of the best ways to be found for these kinds of appearances is incorporating a solid Press Release Campaign into your book launch campaign.

The power of a Press Release is amazing.

Let me share with you a quick case study on how amazing Press Release can be:

I worked with a client late 2014, into 2015 on a book launch. Just a few days after  hitting #1 Best Seller status, I was able to book him on a talk radio show.

After the interview, we found out the radio program would be syndicated to over 20 local radio stations AND to Glenn Beck’s, The Blaze.

We launched a Press Release campaign – check out where this newly Best Selling author started showing up on the web just after the first day:

Day 1 of Press Release:

Using the Radio Program as the search – the author’s book site shows up in position 4 on Google!

best selling author


But wait … it gets better

After the second SEO Press Release:

Using the Radio Program and Glenn Beck as search – Author shows up INSIDE Simon & Schuster’s website, under Glenn Beck’s Publisher page

best selling author


And if that was not ‘cool enough’ here is a screenshot of the Press Release embedded into Glenn Beck’s Author Page on Simon and Schuster Website!

best selling author


So in less than 3 weeks –

My client hit Best Selling Author

We leveraged his Best Selling status for a radio appearance

Then leveraged the combo of Best Selling Author and Radio Interview in a Press Release and landed some prime real estate on the internet for his niche!

It was definitely an exciting time for my client:)

OK, so keep in mind, there are different kinds of press release campaigns available:

Press Releases designed to really hit Search Engine Optimization

And Press Releases to hit the news wires …

I use both!

Which ever you decide, know that a solid press release is another Jackpot when it comes to boosting your ranking in the eyes of the search engines … especially if you target  your market and focus on the keywords.

OK, if you’ve come this far … you are doing really good … stay with me, I have two more tips to share with you!

Next – Create a Community

Creating a community is not the same thing as building your platform!

Think of it this way – think about one of your current personal social media pages, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn … which ever one.

Let’s say you have 553 friends on Facebook …

I’m going to assume that out of those 553, maybe only 177 are close friends.

These are the people who get your Christmas card in the mail each year, or maybe on your list to invite to your parties throughout the rest of the year, etc.

But the rest … if I did my math right, 376, are the people you know at an arm’s length or further.

Those 177 are your community – people who Know, Like and Trust you deeply!

So the message here is, as you build your online platform, be sure to create a  community from the people who follow you.

Don’t just think about increasing the quantity of people following you, but the quality you provide them!

You do this by creating information and content where by your client can learn from you and be inspired by you.

This keeps your brand and your book alive.

Last but not Least – Plan Your Engagement Calendar

Frequently I’m asked, what is an engagement calendar or sometimes called a content calendar?

The best answer: It solves the overwhelm of engaging with your clients online!

Frequently when the topic of social media comes up, before I can even finish the question or statement, my clients are saying ‘I don’t like social media’, or ‘I don’t feel like I have to have social media sites’ or my favorite, ‘I’m not on social media so I’m sure my clients are not either!’

The reality is, whether you like social media or are active on social media, doesn’t matter. What matters is over 2 Billion people are … and I’m guessing out of those 2 Billion people, your clients are among them.

Don’t take it from me, see below:

best selling author
and one more, just for fun!
What I have found, after listening to clients vocalize their disdain for social media, is most of the objections are really fear-based.

It comes down to:

‘I don’t know what to post!’

‘I don’t have time to think about what to post!’

That ‘objection’ is 2 fold … time and unsure about how to communicate with their audience.

I can totally relate, because there was a day I never thought I’d EVER be on social media.

What I have found is once you get past the ‘objections’ of building social media, the reality is … social media is here to stay, growing stronger everyday!

So how do you embrace it?

Simply, like any other task you are not crazy about doing …

Make a plan, seek out assistance, and put an automated process in place.

An engagement calendar is about carving out short periods of time to plan and schedule weeks or months in advance of engaging content for your audience.

Once you plan it out, the next step is to automate the distribution of your posts. There are many online tools that can help you with automation.

I personally have used Hootsuite in the past, and currently use a custom software, but here is a link that lists 7 tools to help you automate!

This frees up your time to only have to think about social media posts and engagements a few times a year.  Now that is relief, right?!

So, let’s tie a bow around all this … whether you are about to launch a book, or have recently launched one, using these techniques will build your audience and your business –

and best of all …

it will help you reach and change people’s lives.

After all, isn’t that what it is all about?

Being a best seller is so much more than having a trophy to set on your shelf – it’s about creating relationships with your readers who are your clients.

It’s those relationships that happen in and around your book that will:

  • open doors
  • create lucrative opportunities, and
  • enable you to effectively change the lives of those you meet.

Sounds like an amazing way to grow your ‘marriage’ to me.

For additional tips and techniques on a successful book campaign, visit:

where you have access to a special video showing you techniques on how to leverage your Best Seller that is guaranteed to get past the gatekeeper!