As of September 2014, we are officially Publish & Profit Certified Consultant.

Publish & Profit is a proven ‘Integrated Hybrid Publishing System’ which provides Media Authority and increased revenue results strategically and quickly (30-90 days).

This strategic partnership allows us to bring the teachings of top Literary Agents, NY Times Bestselling Authors and advanced marketing techniques from top industry leaders.

It has been an honor to have been one of the first 39 people to walk through the initial program, being part of the teaching materials. In 6 months, we were part of over 200 Amazon Best Selling book launches and still going strong!

What this means to our clients, there is no quicker way to build your authority and brand value than being an author of a best selling book. Whether you have started a book years ago, have the concept rolling around in your head, or have no idea what your book could or should be about, we can create a book that you are proud of, without much of your time, that will launch you to the top of your market in 90 days or less. This not only helps you build authority in your market place, but is proven to increase sales when you use it properly to leverage your business.

publish & profit